Limited Edition Giclee Prints


Five Apples


Crab and Wave

Moon over Monument Valley


Three Sisters, Fish
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Seven of Yoju's works are available in very limited editions as unmounted Giclee prints.
Giclee prints are high quality, high resolution prints produced by an Iris printer on Arches watercolor paper.
These prints were produced, under the artist's supervision, by nextMonet (previously Visualize) in SanFrancisco. Previously marketed by nextMonet, Yoju's Studio has purchased all remaining prints in each edition and offers them for your availability. Each work is signed and numbered by the artist and is offered at considerable cost saving to the customer.


Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) prints are made using a specialized ink spray process developed exclusively for fine art printing. The Artist's image is captured digitally and then refined by Yoju and the Master Printer to obtain the color and clarity elements of the work. Archival-quality paper is then exposed to a very fine spray of ink, which thereby transfers the image and creates the limited edition. The giclee process highlights Yoju's graphic brushstrokes and the woodblock print-like texture of these vivid works. Please inqire about availability

Art imitates nature, or does it enhance it? In her vibrant artwork, Yoju takes familiar, everyday objects and makes them richer and more vibrant; larger than life. A simple fish, a common apple: each becomes a celebration of form, pattern and color. Strong, graphic lines create a woodcut effect, and striking hues give each work a vivid clarity. With an attentive eye and skilled technique, Yoju displays both the inner life and outer shape of her subjects. Notice how she delineates particular features — a fish’s eyes, a mountain’s shadows — through the emphasis of line and varying shades of color. Yoju’s unique still lifes will accent a dining room or kitchen, while her landscape artwork will add grace to a living room or hallway. Representing a variety of subjects and styles, they’ll show you life through art’s eyes.


Yoju was born and raised in Japan and studied at several prominent art academies in Tokyo. There she learned the art of creating ukiyo—e prints (formal color woodblock prints featuring landscapes or people in everyday scenes), and this subtle graphic effect is reflected in her art. In 1988, Yoju moved to California, where she currently lives and works. She has exhibited her artwork internationally, including at the Keio University in Shonan Fujisawa, Japan.

NextMonet: What inspires you?
Yoju: My inspiration stems primarily from my practice of the Buddhist philosophy. I like to chant the sutra 'Hannya—shingyo,' which deals with the wisdom of living from day to day. Through this I learn to think freely and not be constrained by any particular view or fixed idea. My outlook is always changing and I am ever looking for new things to observe and express.

NM: Have there been particular significant influences on your career as an artist?
Y: My mother was the first major influence on my career. When I was a child she would sometimes spend a week’s wages to buy the art materials I needed to pursue my art interests. This sacrifice and support gave me the important early boost to my career.

NM: Have you been influenced by the places you’ve lived?
Y: I was born and raised in Japan and lived there the first 40 years of my life. There is a strong influence of Japanese culture in my work. The next most significant influence was my move from Japan to California. The opportunity to explore new subject matter was expanded greatly.

NM: What kinds of things do you like to portray in your art?
Y: I like to paint common subjects. I find interesting meaning in ordinary things. For instance, I find it beautiful and enjoyable to paint even a small stone. I always observe nature and express my feelings through my work. I don’t distinguish between representation and abstraction, and am not bound by historical trends and tradition.


Yoju’s vibrant colors, strong lines, and clean composition demonstrate her background in watercolor and calligraphy and her native Japanese culture. She earned degrees from the Maejima Academy of Art, the Kuwasawa and Ootsuka Academy of Design, and the Pacific Ocean Academy of Art, all in Tokyo. Since 1988, Yoju has made her home in California, where the colors of the landscape continue to inform her delightful paintings.

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